The Most Innovative
3D Printing Service
in Indonesia

We bring cutting-edge 3D printing technology
with various material and high precision.


Get a high quality prototype for your product FASTER and CHEAPER.
With wide range material, you can get a prototype that really close to
your product's look and feel.
No tooling required and every product will be ready in days NOT weeks.
Upload them to our website and get your ideas in shape.




Find many accessories, toys, mechanical parts,
miniatures,and daily objects made
by our community of 3D designers.
You may also contribute to this community
and sell your design.



Looking for a unique way to present your masterplan? Why not 3D Print blocks or miniatures to overlay on your drawing to give it depth and make the scheme leap from the page!


The most traditional use of 3D Printing technology, rapid prototype different ideas through the design process to help develop a better scheme.


You have a design you are proud of, a client to impress, or a property to sell, 3D print a model in full colour and incredible detail to blow them all away.


If you have a larger scale part of a building you want to show off a concept for or persuade a client on, there is no easier way then using a 3D model.


Save Time and Money

Produce development is a costly endeavor, and often a long one. By outsourcing your prototyping, you are benefiting from the expertise of Imaji3D design team.
​Economically, for single product development, rapid prototyping services are much more effective than mass production

Unparalleled Accuracy

Print your ideas in 3D to within 16 microns.
Objet Printer technology enables you to complete more intricate, complex designs without compromising speed, design limitations or costs.

Custom Designs

Catch any imperfection in a product prior to it reaching the market.
Forever eliminate recalling parts, saving you cost, effort and time.
Rapid prototyping helps you to take processes to the next level.
Improve your product design skills.

Working, Durable Models

Enables the on-the-fly fabrication of Digital Materials™ – Composite materials that closely emulate the mechanical properties of the target design. Eliminates the need to design, print and glue together separate model parts made with different materials in order to create a complete model, saving printing and post-processing time.



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